The one shipping option I wish I had when shopping online

I frequently make purchases online from Amazon or Chapters Indigo. Recently, I needed a packaged delivery right away, so I choose the express shipping option. I placed the order on a Friday, expecting delivery for the following Monday. When it came to shipping, I had two options available:

  • Option A: ship to my work address. If the delivery occurred between 9AM-5PM, I would be at the office to meet the courier.
  • Option B: ship to my home address. If the delivery occurred after 6PM,  I would be at home and could greet the courier there.

I chose the ship to home option, for which I received a guaranteed delivery date, but not a guaranteed delivery time. I took my chances that I would be at home to receive the package.

On Monday, the delivery courier arrived at home in the afternoon. Since I was at work, and I don't have a mailbox, I was left with a delivery notice card. I missed my package.

This led to me to realize that both home and office delivery have flaws:

  • Option A (ship to work) requires that on delivery day, I must align / clear my schedule so that I am free to receive the delivery (since I don't want to miss it).
  • Option B (ship to home), requires that I must go home first, take the delivery card, then visit the post office to pick up the package.

Is there a better option?

Yes, there is! My life would be much easier with an Option C: ship to post office. I want to pick up the package, but on my own time. Why? Primarily because this eliminates the "missed package" scenario, which is the main cause of frustration (at least personally) when expecting a delivery.

In this scenario, I just need an email confirming that the package has arrived, the store location, and store hours. Only then do I have to consult my schedule and make arrangements for pick-up. No need to check the delivery status online every 15 minutes, no delivery card notices, no missed packages.

Side note: I understand that the missed package scenario is usually avoided by having a dedicated neighbourhood post office box, but not everyone has this access (myself included).